Fire Alarm Inspection In Thunder bay

Fire Alarm Inspection

Gary Wenzel Electrical Solutions specializes in providing annual and monthly inspections and maintenance for all of your fire alarm, fire warning, emergency and exit lighting, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems.

The Ontario Fire Code requires that monthly and annual inspections be performed on this very important equipment so that in the event of an emergency it works as intended. When you deal with Gary Wenzel Electrical Solutions, you can expect detailed inspection reports, recommendations on system upgrades or enhancements and a phone call reminding you when your next inspection is due so you don’t have to worry.

Monthly Fire Alarm and Life Safety Inspections

Let the team at Gary Wenzel Electrical Solutions look after your monthly inspections in conformance with the Ontario Fire Code.  Typically, our monthly service includes:

  •  activating and confirm operation of one initiating device per month, confirm audibility of signals; 
  • check overall fire systems operation;
  • confirm transmission of alarm, trouble and supervisory signals to monitoring centre;
  • check operation of all emergency and exit lighting;
  • perform visual inspection of fire extinguishers and fire hoses;
  • sign tags for monthly inspections and sign and date fire safety log book, as provided by owner.

This can be custom tailored to suit your needs or building requirements. We will perform this service for eleven months and the annual inspection in month twelve. These inspections will be scheduled for the same day and time frame each month to minimize disruption in the building.

Annual Fire Alarm and Life Safety Inspections

The Ontario Fire Code requires that a fire alarm system, with or without voice communication capability, shall be inspected and tested in conformance with CAN/ULC-S536, “Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems”. The annual inspection includes activating and confirming operation of all system smoke detectors, heat sensors, manual pull stations and audible devices. We will also look after your emergency lighting, exit lighting, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Inspections are performed by our certified technicians with the latest test equipment  and all documentation is produced electronically.

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About Us

Gary Wenzel, President of Gary Wenzel Electrical Solutions, is a Master Electrician, as well as a CFAA Certified Fire Alarm Technician, with many years experience in residential, commercial and industrial installations, inspections, sales and servicing of electrical and fire alarm equipment.