Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions in Thunder Bay is your Northwestern Ontario Fire Alarm expert.  We sell, install, service, inspect and repair fire alarms of all sizes and configurations.  

We are proud to be a certified annual inspector and installer for major fire alarm manufacturers.

For regular maintenance, alarm resetting, issues with the pull station covers, or whatever problem ails your system, Gary Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions can have your system working properly in no time.  

A properly installed and designed fire alarm system is a must in any building containing people or assets. Fire alarm systems are often required by code, but even if they’re not, it is still a good precaution to install even a basic fire alarm system. It can even help lower your insurance premiums.

Coupled with a sprinkler system, a fire alarm system from Wenzel Electrical and Fire Alarm Solutions will give your building a much better chance of surviving a catastrophic incident.

Fire alarm